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Merkez Office : Kordonboyu Mahallesi Turgut Özal Bulvar Nizam Ünlü Sahil Sitesi B Blok 69/21 Kartal/STANBUL

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Istanbul: +902163250251
Fax: +902164880251


Architectural Services


Our company that can provide design and application projects not only for the big scale buildings but also residential ones, has lots of completed projects both in Iraq and Istanbul. MS Architecture shapes the design according to the demands of the clients while following the temporary architectural trends. All our architectural projects is in between 1/1000 site plan and 1/5 detail design.

Interior Design Project

Interior Design Projects are prepared with the demands of the project architect or the client. All projects can be prepared as the concept projects or the application projects with the all detail according to the requirements. For the all applications, firstly suggestions are produced to help the client to decide the demands. Following to this stage concept project are prepared with alternatives and finally application projects are prepared according to the chosen design.

Construction Services

Our construction services are turn-key or contract-type. Construction sites have the priority for safety and organization with the support of project management. We completed lots of buildings belong to different projects teams as well as the buildings of MS Architecture

Project Management

Our company adopted regular and systematically working style firstly in our construction sites in the fields of cost estimates, project management procurement, time schedule organization, quality management.